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      Ol' Man River Alive and Well?
 (By John Lester/ The Mississippi River, the Mother of New Orleans, has influenced the map of the modern world more than any other and all because of the great part it has played in the history of America. The Mississippi and its tributary, the Missouri, form the longest river on earth. The present spelling of Mississippi is a combination of French and Spanish. Pere Marquette first introduced the name into geography in 1672, spelled it Mitchisipi. From time to time, the Mississippi also has been known as "The River of St. Louis," "The Bourbon River," "The Colbert River," "Conception River," "Baude," "El Rio Grande De La Florida," "Tapatu," "Mico," "Tama- liseau," "Malbanchia," "Balbancha" "Las Palisados," "Escondido" and "The River Of The Holy Spirit," this last because it is three-tongued at the mouth.   Continued  

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